Ok. For those worried about the fiat dollar taking a crap... you should be. It looks
like it's happening, and the White House has officially announced they're
switching to digital currencies and about to smash down with regulations.


Saudi's are signaling the death of the petro dollar as well.


Fiat is on its deathbed.
It might be time to learn a little about cryptocurrencies.
There are plenty of exchanges to choose from, and plenty of landmines to avoid. I
would recommend either Coinbase (https://www.coinbase.com/) or Crypto.com (
https://crypto.com/) starting out. (Coinbase is FDIC insured. Crypto.com is mostly
insured through banking affiliation) LOBSTR Stellar Lumens is also a good bet, as
they support money gram payments and Moonpay buys directly from
credit/debit. (https://lobstr.co/) Stellar Lumens XLM is a WEF affiliate. You might
not like that, but learn to swim with the whales or be eaten by them. (XLM only
has links to debit/credit or Money gram, while CB and CRO have direct links to
bank accounts)
FDIC insured requires KYC (Know your customer) Meaning you'll need to present
ID. The exchanges will guide you through the process.
This is extremely important: When prompted by the exchange to create a wallet,
you ABSOLUTELY must write down your 12-15 word passphrase. If you lose that,
you are screwed. Do not store it on your computer or any other place it can be

hacked or compromised. Write it down manually and place it somewhere safe
(like a safe).
Excellent Crypto for Beginners guide with wallet explanation:
Another extremely important detail: when transferring between exchanges, you
may be prompted to use a "memo". If you do not use the memo, you are
screwed. Although Coinbase and Crypto.com have ways to retrieve your funds, it's
slow and extremely expensive to do so. Do not forget the memo.
Now you're on an exchange, you've connected your bank account or funded from
credit/debit. What now? If you're new and just want a safe place to store fiat, use
USDC. Do not use Tether or substitutes. The Federal Reserve is on a warpath to
destroy all stablecoins. USDC is sponsored by Blackrock. It is the most protected
Stable coin. I recommend transferring to LOBSTR Stellar Lumens to avoid ERC-20
fees to buy USDC. USDC is built on Ethereum... you want to avoid transferring
anything Ethereum based or Bitcoin based as transfer fees are ridiculous. There
are things to learn here, and don't get discouraged if you can't learn it over night.
ALWAYS use XLM to transfer between exchanges. It's extremely cheap to
transfer... that's the secret. And XLM is supported everywhere. For example,
transfer $200 BTC you'll pay $50 moving it. Transfer ETH and you'll pay damn near
close to that depending on the day. Transfer XLM and you'll pay pennies. This step
cannot be overstressed. You never want to move USDC between exchanges
either, it's ERC-20 (Ethereum). Again, for any transfer use XLM.
Tutorial to transfer XLM from Coinbase, the steps are similar for Crypto.com:
Those steps should insure your fiat is safe and protected from a dollar crash,
tucked away in USDC.
As far as buying actual crypto currencies, I'm not going to go into details too much
here. Plenty of landmines in the markets, and seasoned investors who don't know
how to research the ledgers often get played like a fiddle. Before investing in

anything, please research the assets. I'd recommend keyword searching Reddit to
get an average feel for investor sentiments before doing anything if you're a
beginner. Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/ ) has the power of weaponized
autism. Use it. (YouTube can also be a great source for beginners setting up
wallets. Coin Bureau is a great source for crypto information.
https://youtube.com/@CoinBureau Stay away from "hype" channels.)
Avoid flashy BS cryptos not on main exchanges. Often they're illiquid, and your
money is gone as soon as you buy. If you are going to move out of USDC, stick to
the Top 10 assets that are tried and proven, as they've been through the test of
time. Google the Top 10.

Please please please be careful and do your own research. Don't listen to hype
men or messages feeding you lines of BS. SPECIFICALLY stay away from the QFS
NESARA crowd, as they're absolutely full of lies, and will recommend garbage and
garbage theories. XRP is also speculative as they are fighting a case against the
SEC. Don't let anyone tell you they've won their case. It's absolutely on the fence
until the SEC decides how the law is applied as far as securities are concerned.
Stay far away from Tether, as it's backed by debt, and only represents the dollar
to a tune of .03/1.00. Coffeezilla is an excellent source for uncovering crypto
scams (Coffeezilla link to Tether expose: https://youtu.be/-whuXHSL1Pg )
And above all else, stay away from WhipLash347, Emily Tang (Quantum Stellar
Initiative), Mel Carmine, Quantum Brownie, Charlie Ward, Juan O Savin, ISO20022
Metal Backed theories, and any other predators out there in the crypto space
looking to ROB YOU BLIND. They will. And they have. Our research team is in the
process of taking their entire ring down, but these things take time. The Secret
Service is currently building their case against them. A treasure trove of data
backed information/evidence can be found at:

Above all else, have fun. I know all that doesn't sound like fun, but it's where we
are heading as a global economy. The WEF/Federal Reserve has been signaling
very openly their plans. Do not allow your fiat to crash. Store your assets on their
designated chains, in secure wallets, or hard ledgers. Take some time to learn the
Also, can't argue with investing in precious metals. They're always going to be
worth their weight.
Never invest on uninformed hunches, and never move out of Stablecoins what
you aren't willing to lose. These are exciting times in the digital asset world, but
with the excitement comes extra responsibility. You must learn and act on
knowledgeable choices. To do so, please learn the ropes first.
Feel free to reach out with any questions. I'm not a financial advisor, and I'm not
going to promote most any cryptocurrencies. I only told you about the ones I did
so you'll avoid novice pitfalls.
Be safe, and be well. I'll be here if you have any questions. You can find me and
many others willing to help at: https://t.me/libertycryptosyndicate
-Juan Conner