What is predictive pooling for AQUA Rewards?
AQUA Rewards are based on a voting system through AQUA Network. The most voted rise
to the AQUA Rewards pairing list.
Once assets reach AQUA Rewards level, they have a tendency to go boom as people buy in,
and the pools get filled.
Therefore it would be advantageous to jump into these LP's before they jump in price and
holders with Reward status.
Playing the predictive pooling game:
How do we find these hopefuls? Well head to https://aqua.network/ . You should be greeted
by this screen:

Head to the voting section highlighted above.
Under the voting page, head to the “Top Voted” section. (Pic below)
Once you enter the top voted section, you'll be greeted by a sea of purple banners. Those
are the top voted rewards assets that have made the cut for AQUA Rewards pairings. If
you’re already involved in AQUA Rewards LP's, you'll recognize these pairings as you'll
already be invested in a few or more.
What we want to focus on, are the top voted pairings NOT currently on the rewards list, but
tickling it in votes. Especially if they have yet to debut the rewards list. (Following Pic)
The following list will show the highest potential probability of pairings to hit the AQUA
Rewards list by Vote. Ordered from highest vote downward in the list:
Keep in mind this is only the current highest potential list judged by votes flowing in
constantly. It's subject to change at any time. It's the premeditative concept we're trying to
show here.










…And the list goes on…
How to utilize predictive pooling strategies:
Now that you understand the AQUA Rewards relationship with voting and the top potential
candidates to become new rewards pairings, the rest is simple.
Either pick from the first few pages to make a spread dabbling in the various potential
pools, or go with your gut on what will be voted in next. Check the potential list often, and
feel free to get involved with the voting process.
And above all else, invest responsibly and diversify your pools. Have fun diving into the
potential rewards pools.
For questions, comments, and inquiries, reach out to: